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Top 6 Android Applications

By Clive Pereira

It’s extremely user-friendly, addictive, lets you have the world of communication at your fingertips, named after the yummiest deserts and its going to take over the world (well at least the world of mobiles), you guessed it; it’s Google's Android OS.  If you haven’t noticed you probably are living under a rock, the Android OS is here infecting all the phones it possibly can. The user friendly OS takes customizing to a whole new level and allows you to manage the phone just the way you want to.

Place what you want where you want. Let yourself go crazy over the market place where you can shop for whatever application you want be it useful like an anti virus or something as pointless as the moron test. The store has over 300,000 applications to choose form and eighty percent of them are all free. All you need is an internet connection and you are good to go. Find yourself in need of a document reader? Why not just download one? Bored of the commute to work? Chuck some angry birds at bloated pigs for fun. The android brings all of your business and entertainment needs to your finger tips with ease, and the fact that most of the applications are fee doesn’t hurt either.  With so many applications to select from you might find yourself in a tizzy deciding which one is worth downloading. Well we’re here to help you with our list of the 6 most essential apps from the Android Market.

To kick off let’s begin with an antivirus. Sadly with internet connectivity there's the added risk of catching a virus. These viruses can be as gentle as the ones that merely shuffle your documents or as brutal as the ones that shut your phone down completely. Whatever it maybe, keep in mind prevention is better than cure. What you need to do is download that antivirus application before you do anything else. There are quite a few available but my personal favourite is AVG. It’s a light program, free and gets the job done. Nothing gets by this antivirus and is a definite must have in my books.

If you’re bored of the usual photographs you take on your phone, then the pixlr-o-matic application is what you need to spice them up. The application allows you to edit all the photographs you take and change them up to look like the most professional portraits ever. The application works in post production and does not allow you to add effects when clicking the picture. It’s a fun app and will definitely add a variation to your usual photos. The software also possesses effortless photo sharing to al social media as well as other devices. It’s an amusing application to toy with (time just flies by) and completely free at the android market.

Google Docs
On a more serious note you need to look into an application which will help you out with
work when on the move. Lugging around a laptop all the time is not the answer, instead all your troubles can be solved with the easy installation of Google docs. The application is versatile and lets you read all the document formats including PDF files. The application works seamlessly without any hiccups even when viewing presentations. The only problem with this free app is the fact that you cannot edit presentations, rather only view them none the less a useful app to have. For a more complete package you can always consider a paid application like Quick Office Pro or Documents to Go.

Pandora Radio
Everyone loves a good tune on the go and surely some top forty tracks can do the trick, but what if your local radio station is not playing the tunes you like. Well no worries all you need is the Pandora Radio application. Pandora is not just radio but radio tuned to your needs. In the mood for some Dennis Ferrer? All you need is to type in the name and it will take you to a station playing the song and songs just like it. Pandora Radio is a free app, its radio tuned to meet your every musical need.
Another one on my personal favourites is the Kindle app. The Kindle has changed the way people read and has encouraged a new generations of readers to pick up a book... well actually a device. The Kindle application is no less and pushes people to turn their mobiles into their desired book. With this app you are open to reading whenever, wherever. You have at your fingertips, the choice of over a million books from the Kindle store.  Need a book mark for where you left off? Not to worry the software remembers exactly where you stopped reading so that you can continue later, even on another device. This gift to reading is absolutely free and a definite must have on every phone.

The name itself sounds interesting and the application is no less. Words cannot express how useful this program is. There have been so many instances of me listening to a song and loving it and not being able to get the name so that I can download it. Shazam changed all that. This brilliant software can listen to a song and give you not only the name of the song and the artist, but also where you can download it, videos, concerts in your city and so much more. If you’re in the mood of sharing your favourite tunes then with the click of a button you can let your friends in on what makes you move. The full version of the application is chargeable, but worth every penny.

With that we end our list for the top six android applications (for now of course). Give them a try; you know you’ll get addicted.  

 What's your favorite app? Leave a comment..   

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