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The World In Black And White

By Sukanya Venkatraman 
There can’t be a single book to pick out and write a review for an edition whose theme is Education because, well, there is something to learn from every book. People generally say that experience is the best educator, and that life can’t be taught out of, and learnt from books. I beg to differ. Books are, and will always be one of the best educators you can find. Sure, they are a great source of information and knowledge, but they don’t just provide facts, they, in a way, converse and help you pull out the conclusions.
A book is in itself an experience. It is a story, a story that isn’t ours, but one that we experience, one that we laugh at, cry over and ponder upon. It teaches us two of the most important things in life – to think and to feel. It’s a direct, unadulterated entry into the author’s mind, and is an opportunity to look at things from his point of view. It’s an experience you can be lost in, but not one you can ever forget. The result of an experience is never how to think or how to feel, but it’s a discovery of how you think and feel.
A book is every relationship you will find in life. A mother, who makes you feel better when you’re down even though she might not know the facts, a father who suggests right and wrong and helps you develop it on your own, a sibling, who annoys you to no end but one of those few people who really know you, a grandparent, who recalls a story and gives you words of wisdom and a friend, who knows your darkest secret but still doesn’t judge you.
Above everything else, a book is a journey. A journey where everything is in black and white, but you experiencing it, and being a part of it, adds colour to it. A journey, with a million discoveries about the world and about oneself, whether it’s that the grass is green, or that you find it to be greener on the other side. A journey, where you can put your backpack down and gaze at the sky for hours together, and one where you can fly into the sunset. A journey, where you might laugh one minute and break down and cry the next. A journey that might be someone’s story, from someone’s point of view, but one that is, and will always be yours.  It is the only journey that doesn’t end with the turn of the last page but pops up every now and then throughout your life.
There isn’t a single book that you can read which doesn’t change a small perspective of yours, or helps develop it, which you have learnt absolutely nothing from, and which hasn’t left an impact. There are people, who say that life is not black and white, it is shades of grey but a book teaches you the biggest lesson – life is in black and white, the colours merge because you experience it.

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Sukanya Venkataraman


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