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A Foreword To Addiction

Most of us associate addiction with just smoking or drinking or doing drugs. But addiction is a bigger problem than just this stereotyped image that we’ve given to it. Most of us are addicts in some way or the other without even realizing.
As a rule most of the older generations are addicted to tea. They just cant carry on with their normal routine without that one cup of hot steaming chai. Not even kidding. Seriously, there are millions of housewives you ju st can’t get through the day without it. The younger lot, that is me and you, are now slowly but steadily getting hooked on to caffeine.
Apologies for sounding frivolous but it is true and we need to understand that addiction isn’t restricted to a set of people with common characteristics but pervades the very essence of human nature. Almost all of us are addicted to our way of life. Deny us our way of doing things and we are all up in arms. This too is an addiction in a sense. 
What you need to appreciate is that addiction is a common phenomenon but not a sin. You cannot dissociate yourselves from addicts but instead you need to accept them and try and  make them realize it.
Over the course of this issue, you’ll find quite a few articles talking about addiction. Most of these are simply experiences of people. People who have accepted that they might be addicted to something and are telling you they came to realise it. 

What’s funny is that this was not by design; people chose to write about their experiences. We have not attempted to cover the more serious addictions like smoking, drugs etc. because it is not possible to describe what people go through. It is not possible to put in words the intense craving. 

Instead we want you to try and figure out if you might have a problem.


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