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Club 27

By Aditya Bammidi

Forever 27 club

I believe in God now. For that seems to be the only reason why some fulgent musicians have been taken away. They must have formed a band in Heaven. 

They were stars , yes, but what people failed to realise was that they were lost in the dark of the night. Reveling  in their dreams, craving for Utopia, surrounded by fame and glory and yet shrouded by despair. They got what they wanted, but paid the ultimate price.

What Brian Jones founded became one of the leading bands in the 60s but he never did get a piece of his cake. Jimi Hendrix was regarded as the greatest electric guitar player of his time and his guitar worked magic on the audience. And then everything was silent. Janis Joplin’s bluesy voice was a treat to everyone who heard her, then she was gone.  Jim Morrison opened ‘The Doors’ to the whole world, but left through the window. Lauded as the Voice of a Generation, Kurt Cobain popularized the Grunge Rock genre and lost himself to heroin. Amy Winehouse was a promising star, and the promise is now broken. There are many more, nameless faceless entertainers who joined the dreaded club, the curse of 27.

The genius they possessed and the potential that got wasted can never be replaced. Those exotic flavors of music can never be felt again. One can’t help but think why these legends were chosen to die at that age. I don’t believe in the dreaded curse bullshit. There are umpteen musicians who died at other ages, 27 just happens to be a number. The statistical spike is hokum. Jobless people like me wanting to write an article that would elicit responses from unsuspecting readers. But one thing is true, these characters, by dying young, have become immortal. Irony strikes.

I do hope no one adds on to the list, but who doesn’t like a big club? And there’s a drummer missing too. Anyone can apply. Adios.


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