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Day after day,night after night
Sunlight to me seems Kryptonite,
I continue to crumble beneath this nuclear tan,
Where are those days, when I was my own superman ?

Long gone are the days when I was loved,
Long lost are the times which I cherished,
Blown away, my ego by a storm
Of fork-tongued colleagues, isn’t that the norm?

For years I was subject to incessant deceit,
Beyond my control were the perfidious wrongs,
Hoodwinked by Fate, hoodwinked by many a mate,
I could see a rose bush, where there were only thorns.

I wish I could look back on life and think I’m blessed,
Wish I could smother gloom and slay regret,
If I could make a wish upon the mighty stars,
Winds of change would erode my indelible scars.

To seek morbid solace in the embrace of death,
Was the last thought to take reigns of my aching head,
Before a flurry of wings revealed a vision,
Of lights and tunnels of divine precision.

Onward I venture with hope, apprehension,
Of what use is a sting of venom with no retention?
With a feather of a heart and a cerebral sunrise,
Tainted memories give way to an unburdened paradise.

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Nishant Boorla
Sarcasm means the world to me. Yeah that's always a good place to start. I watch movies...a lot of movies! Sports nut and a die hard Manchester United fan. Highly opinionated and that shows in my articles.


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