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Head Over Heels

 By Pradeep Damodara
Alekhya isn’t someone one would classify as drop-down gorgeous, but it’s always a matter of perspective. And Rohit perceives her as the most amazing person he has ever seen in his life. Ethereal and tantalizing she seems… seducing him with the mere aura of her presence. He isn’t stupid enough to just foolishly call it ‘love’, but one who felt for her as strong as he did would be hard-pressed not to call it so. He occasionally talks to her, drowning himself in immeasurable happiness, while hopes abound that she feels the same way about him, and that she’ll tell him so and accept him and, well, ‘love’ him back.
But then Karthik enters the scene, and blows her away. She’s completely taken by him, and Rohit is left to watch helplessly as the woman of his dreams fawns over another, showering him with love and affection that should rightly be his. And a new emotion is born. A vile one it is, jealousy. It consumes the rational mind, obscures healthy thoughts, leaving room only for plotting and scheming.
So now Rohit starts making a plan to get Karthik out of the way and turn Alekhya’s affections to the better channel. Him. One can call his schemes shady, but they’re not downright despicable. Yet. It’s just a matter of time, and a few failed schemes, before more questionable methods arise.
And so the games start. Try to make Karthik look bad, try to get him to say something that would piss her off, try to attract her away from him, try to prove he’s better than him, etc… Unfortunately, as expected, nothing works. And the scheming gets dirtier. Now that Rohit’s a green little monster, the plans start getting ugly. He befriends Karthik, acting like a close friend, plotting his downfall all the while. He finds out stuff about him, stuff he can possibly use to his advantage. Sad thing is, he doesn’t even feel disgusted with himself for being such a selfish prick. And he continues his plans, using his newfound knowledge.
Needless to say, he doesn’t particularly succeed. Rohit was never a master planner, he’s innocent and childish… only now full of bitterness and jealousy. He is beginning to live in the hatred, allowing the negativity to consume him. And create something terrible out of that which was once carefree and happy.
One day, he sees Alekhya and Karthik walking towards him, hand in hand. All the hatred pounds through his veins and venomous ideas pollute his mind… but he looks at her as she passes. And melts. The uncontrolled happiness in her eyes breaks the beast within him, making him realize what he was trying to take away from her. From the one who held his heart. He had been plotting to break the heart that held his own, all for his own selfish happiness.
Now he sees things clearly. She is with Karthik, and happy… which matters more to him than his own happiness. He looks into her laughter-filled eyes, and smiles to himself, accepting the fact.
He grins, turns around… and starts perceiving Sindhu as the most amazing person he’s ever seen. Ethereal and tantalizing she seems… seducing him with the mere aura of her presence…


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