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The New Year Detox

No, this isn’t something I read in the latest issue of Femina. It’s just a small DIY project I thought I’d share with you in time for the onset of the big two oh one one.
The merriment of Christmas and New Years’ Eve is now behind you. Pictures of the  various parties you attended  have been stored, shared and liked online for the whole world and its cousin to see, and the countless chocolates you received have been tucked safely away in the fridge (to be secretly called upon the day you begin your diet).
The bonhomie that manifests itself around this season tends to give way to a bit of soul searching. Every New Year is a chance for us to redeem ourselves, wipe the slate clean, and make a fresh start.
The New Year detox is your friend.
Task #1: Erase.
Stop living in the past. Let bygones be bygones and don’t hold on to past grudges because the only thing they bring you is an excess of emotional baggage.
Travel light.
Task #2: Be your own Simon.
I remember reading somewhere about how “We all like Paula on American Idol. If you didn’t sing that well, she’d tell you what a fantastic stage presence you have and that you could always score next week.”
We’re all like that sometimes. We are quick to overlook our own mistakes and gratify ourselves with lots of tiny little ego boosts. Sometimes these gestures get in the way of actual character development.
Be a good critic - admit you have flaws - out loud. That done, do everything in your power to work on them.
Task #3: Make a Bucket List.
Dream, and dream big. How often have we read that the only ones who actually change the world are the ones that are crazy enough to think that they can?
If you’ve always wanted to:
Spend a whole day walking on a nature trail on your own (or)
Write a novel (or)
Sing in front of a really large crowd (or)
* insert crazy wish here *…
Do it this year. And maybe this month even, if you’re sure you can pull it off.
The bottom line is –You’ve waited long enough. Just do it.
Task # 4: Stay you.
People change on the inside with every new experience and every new conversation. While you’re out meeting people and being fabulous, remember to put your ideals and beliefs first.
Changing yourself and the way you live is like putting me in a “Control the Caffeine” support group and having me drink herbal tea or something - it just does not work.

These are just a few ideas I came up with. Hopefully it’ll help get the dust off of a weary mind, and make room for a lot of fresh enthusiasm.
Cheers, and have a good year!
PS: When in doubt, listen to John Denver. It almost always helps.
Save Lady Gaga for the workouts.
Vidya. 19. Taurean. Dreamer by day and even more of a dreamer by night. Her BFFs are roller coasters, brownies, books and an unhealthy obsession with Tom Felton. Her pet peeves are people who match their nail polish with their outfit every goddamn day and people who believe that ‘lolzzz’ is a word.


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