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The Little Things

By Sukanya Venkatraman

The story of the little things is well, not little, but is to be told in any case. The little things used to be the little ones which were discovered (when we grew up and started appreciating life) to be big in their own little way. And then came along the internet and blogs, helping proclaim the intellectuals in all of us, and the little things lost their subtleties, and that was one less thing that we had to discover. Saved us the trouble, yes, but there are some things that should only be experienced, not told or laid out in verse (And so the hypocrisy of this article, yes, I am aware).
Nonetheless, the little things are still the ones which bring about those little moments of joy that one will remember for a lifetime.
So, without trying to sound too preachy, here are some of the little-big things that one should try in 2011 –
1. Watch a really crappy movie with a large group of friends. It’s worth the laugh and the *moments* that’ll be there throughout the movie.
2. Develop a couple of idiosyncrasies, but get over them before they threaten to become a permanent habit.
3. Make a fool of yourself in public. Just once. Its called character building and doing good to the society…no, really.
4. Wake up early enough to watch the sunrise, and watch the sunset… preferably by the beach or on the mountains. And while we are at this, watch the moon on a full moon night through the leaves of a tree, with a reddish hue. It’s beauty like no other… 
5. Take off on a completely unplanned journey (Not just of the mind and soul, no).
6. Eat an entire bar of Lindt milk chocolate. There’s a saying which goes – “The best things in life cost 20,000 calories”.
7. Stay up an entire night catching up with/talking to someone you love. Conversations…well, I’m not going to attempt to justify this one.
8. Rediscover an old song/movie/book. It’s introspection, in the subtlest of ways.
9. Help out a complete stranger. You don’t always need a reason to be kind.
10. Finally, try out something completely new. What with the world supposedly ending in 2012(No, let’s not go there. It just really helps as an argument for things like these :P) we don’t really have too much time on our hands now, do we?


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