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10 Tips For Guys Who Want A Date

1. The unshaven look sucks. The only guy who can pull it off here is already committed.

2. Moustaches give you the ‘fatherly’ look. You will most certainly not get kissed.
3. Take a bath. Dirty is not the new sexy.
4. Don’t hang out with 10 guys as hairy and loud as you. Nobody will even care to look.
5. Before commenting on a girl’s looks, get yourself a mirror.
6. Check your zipper. Always.
7. Hanging out your underwear in full public view (read old Meera Bhavan) is hideous.
8. We know what you share and watch on DC++. Don’t brag about it.
9. There are 3 of you for every 1 of us. Do the math.
10. Guys just about anywhere else are hotter. It’s a fact of life. Get used to it.


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