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By Jibran Anand

Fear; what is it? Perhaps the most innate human instinct of them all, fear is something that resonates inside each and every one of us. For some it could be the fear of losing a person, for others it could be the fear of being insignificant in this vast world of ours.

There are some fears which are constant, fears which lie inside you throughout your life and periodically show up, usually in idyllic situations. These fears may not be necessarily limited to only a few people, and may be as vast as this world of ours, but they stay constant throughout time.

Then there are other fears, fears which suddenly flit into your head and turn what you thought was a perfect moment but what was actually a moment as perfect as Arsenal’s season, into something resembling Liverpool’s yearly exploits. These fears are those that seemingly emerge from nowhere and suddenly take over your life in such a manner that asphyxiation seems like the only option.

However, there is one fear which we all suffer from, at some level or another. This isn't a fear which occurs frequently and is perhaps one that lasts only fleetingly. Yet for that instance, that minute,that second or that hour, this fear is one which overwhelms you to such an extent that you begin questioning your existence in this cutthroat world.

What is this fear you ask. Well this fear is something that is common and yet so uncommon. It is something that exists within us at all points in our lives and yet so often it doesn't. This fear is something that a takes many forms, a shape-shifter in a form that would indeed make J.K Rowling very proud. You ask me to name it...I ask you to feel it.


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