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Date A Girl Who Travels

By Hamsini

Date a girl who travels the world. Date a girl who lives on the edge with a vague but good plan for tomorrow and a good collection of memories from yesterday. Date a girl who walks the world with a bag on her shoulders and a crumpled dress inside in case she ever meets a nice guy. Date a girl who travels because she will be adventurous; she will be ready to rapple, to snorkel, to walk 36 kilometers to catch the sunset and to live in a sleeping bag under the stars as long as she wants to.

Date a girl who travels, because she can take care of herself. She will lift her own baggage and offer to carry yours too. She will almost always have mosquito repellant and an extra towel. She will know what local produce to buy irrespective of her being in Zijuantenejo or Sialkot. Date a girl who travels because she’s not going to be PMS and she’s not going to give a damn if you pretend you do. Date a girl who travels because after 36 hours of a bus ride with no pit stops, she will sink her teeth calmly into the first edible food you give her and not kick up a fuss about low fat produce.

Date a girl who travels, take her out some place nice to eat. She’s not going to care if it has three michellan stars as long as it’s nice food and good conversation. Take her out dancing; take her for a simple long walk in the park. She’ll be up for anything; concerts, art shows, car rallies and even bull fights - because a girl who travels is a girl who appreciates every type of culture.

Volunteer together at an orphanage in Burundi , Teach English to Tibetan monks in Northern India, help build houses for those who were displaced during the Haiti earthquake.

Take her to watch a foreign movie in a seedy theatre in a small town in the middle of nowhere. Tell each other bed time stories from all the folklore that you have heard on your own journeys. Trek to the top of a small hill, pitch a tent and just stay there plotting the movements of the sun and the stars. Rent a houseboat and try fishing. She’ll be up for it all and most of the time; she’ll be up half an hour before you making sure that you aren’t forgetting anything. 

Photo credit - Priya Chowdhary

Date a girl who travels because chances are, she will always be fit. She’ll look pretty because of that freshness; the zest for life and have a spark in her eye. A girl who travels isn’t going to care how she looks and therein lies her charm. She’s not going to take bullshit from anyone, mind you! She could just turn around and give you the finger if you cross her threshold limit but that isn’t going to happen often. A girl who travels is going to have a calm head most of the time. And she isn’t going to put herself in danger - Because a girl who travels knows how important it is to be safe as a woman.

She’s not going to complain about how hard her bed is going to be, she’s going to be talking about the place you’re in, the amazing scenery and the people you meet.

Date a girl who travels because she is going to have seen much of the world and known enough of its beauty and its monstrosity alike. She will know how large the world is and how insignificant humans are that she will retain her humility. She will also know the importance of luck and fate and that’s why she will cherish your relationship.

A girl who travels will always have a steady supply of stories to go with hot chocolate but she will also know the importance of silence around a bonfire and she’ll converse with you by the flames in her eyes.

Date a girl who travels because she is desperately seeking some answers. Talk to her about the conception of the universe and God and humanity. Ask her about her family and her relationships and find out why she likes the wind in her hair. Tell her everything will be okay. Tell her how awesome it is that she is looking for the answers in her own way. If you’re lucky, she’ll ask you to accompany her on her trip. And we all know what that means.

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Basically I write, I read and I dream up fairytales. The rest of the time, I nibble at food, sing songs off tune, and pretend to be a hotshot photographer. I also love the wind in my hair, basking in the sun, a healthy dose of cynicism and coffee on the rocks.


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