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Until We Meet Again

By Vasudhaa Narayanan

As I pack my belongings
Of 3 and a half years, too long
I slip into the two fuzzy layers of my blanket

I collect objects, like
I collect words - scribbled, printed, said
Never good at letting go

“That’s not good, vee” – he said
Keep only one thing that reminds you of a person
A memory, your favorite one.

Letters I wrote, but never sent
Bookmarks I made
That never snuggled between warm pages

There are
Places I won’t visit again
People I can’t say goodbye to

But it’s alright, darling

The rain pacifies my displaced state of mind
There’s room for one more – it tells me
One more coffee, perhaps.

Let’s run into the past
Flirt with familiarity

Or learn to love -
The face in the darkness
Accept the fear of the unknown

Until then,

The blinding city lights
Shine past midnight
As nostalgia slowly creeps in

One moment
Between the city skyline and I
-          that’s when I know its time for goodbye
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Vasudhaa Narayanan

I'm a 21 year old Indian, who grew up in Africa, India and Singapore. I love to dance and frolic in the rain! I am an animal lover, tree hugger, and a bit of a singer. When i'm not trying my hand at photography, learning french or travel blogging, I play my ukulele!


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