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By Deepti Kaushal

She is you..She is me..She's probably every woman you see..
Who's seen those red eyes..Taunting, brazen and unrelenting..
Whose dignity infringed upon..Visually..Verbally..Physically..Mentally..
She is nameless..

Muted tales of suppressed pain and anger..she carries within..
she's to cope with her unbearable trauma..
unaided in a dispassionate and impervious world..
her suffering is fathomless..

They judge..they disapprove..they sneer..they rule..
she suffers..she endures..she absorbs..she dies..
countless stories buried in chasms of tears..
her scars are redeemless..


We are mere spectators to her victimization..objectification..
deafened to her screams and pleas..for the right to live..
too selfish and impotent to extend a helping hand..
We are empathy-less

Preserve your morality..preserve her sanctity..
She gave you life..let her live her own..
Imagine yourself in her place..
before being heartless..

Raise your hands for her protection..encouragement..
Spare the candles, placards and the demonstrations..
Let there be castration..of the mindset and the infernal beliefs..
Let faith be restored in humaneness.


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