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Lots Of Love To Antidepressants

By Pallavi Joshi

Yesterday in class we were being taught about Antidepressants, these are psychiatric medication used to alleviate mood disorders; such as major depression, dysthymia and anxiety disorders such as social anxiety disorders. We were all listening carefully how they worked and affected our body. We noted down all names we could so that when needed could prescribe it to the needy.

Photo credit - Chinmay
In between the lecture I got a text from a friend giving me a bad news. I felt all emotions drain out of me; negative thoughts started their in flow. Soon I went into state medically known as depression. It was impossible for me to pay attention in class, I was having severe headache, wanted to go home and sleep.

Thankfully got the lunch break soon. It was my friend's birthday so we decided to ditch our regular eating joint and go some place else. We decided to travel all the way to the western part of the area to have a burger. It was raining cats and dogs and traffic in Mumbai is worse during rains so what usually took 15mins took us more than 30mins.

A friend of mine who is the baby of our group and a chatter box started to tell me about her experiences in Mumbai. Soon everyone started to share their stories. At first I was resistant, just sat there listening to all talk while my mind on other things. But I couldn't resist for long, I joined them in their crazy talks (we had moved from sharing to down right crazy talks). Not long before I was laughing hard followed by floods of tears and aching stomach muscles.

A passerby couldn't have guessed I was depressed a moment ago. All worries forgotten I had become a sane...oops insanely happy!!!!!!

When back in class and to antidepressant drugs I realized no drug could work the way drug of friendship does. For a drug to effect and cure the disease one needs to believe in it, being resistant doesn't help. But friendship is a kind of drug that fights all the negativity and claws its way in...into your life.
Friendship has no side effect... at least no harmful side effects!!
Friendship is the most precious and wonderful gift created by God. It can come in any can come into your life as your mother, father, sibling, your better half etc.

I feel very lucky to have formed this wonderful bond with many people in my life including my mother(my best friend). My friends have been there for me in good and bad times. They have been the reason for me surviving the depression (and sometimes reason for depression :p).

We rarely realize it but God has provided us with lifetime antidepressant therapy. Sometimes it’s the presence of a friend or his/her words and sometimes just a memory that brings a smile on our lips and joy to our heart even in the worst of time.

About the author : I am Pallavi Joshi from Indore, at present living in Mumbai. I am an independent, free spirited, nature loving girl. My hobbies are reading, singing and listening to music. Books and me are inseparable. I feel without books I am one single person but when I read I get to live lives of several other characters. I am very passionate about my writing. I like writing short stories, articles etc. I have written several things; at present I am also working on a novel. My writing is really special for me as it reflect the person I am. My inspiration are the people and events around me. 


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