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Time To Grow - Up ? NO !

By Meera

I was 17 when I left home for college.

Never having stayed away from my family, this was going to be a major change in my lifestyle. But I had studied for 2 years to get into a good college and when I got admission into a decent college in Hyderabad, I didn't think twice before accepting it.

My mother came with me to drop me to this alien world called a college campus and after living in a house with four people, I was asked to live in a room, all by myself.

The first time I ate in the mess, some girl sitting on my table saw the food and started crying and I thought to myself maybe I'm not alone here; others are just as miserable as me!

"Home, home again. I like to be here when I can; when I come home cold and tired, it's good to warm my bones beside the fire."

There were times when the separation from home seemed insufferable and the lack of home cooked food made me cry but I dealt with it because I was told it was all a part of a little something called 'growing-up'.

And then there were times when I felt at home both at home and in the campus, those were probably the moments of warmth and bliss hermits preach of.

But now, as college is about to end and I've to go for a job even farther away from home, I wonder is it all worth it ? For how long can I stay away from home ? Do I even want to stay away from home ?

And NO, I refuse to accept it all as a part of growing up. I always agreed with Dominique Francon more than Howard Roark and I understand that there are certain ways in which the world functions.

Yes, I have accepted the rules of the world but I will not believe that there can ever be a time when my home will be a place without my mother; those buildings will just be temporary places to rest in.


The point of this whole article ?  

Growing up does not mean you have to lose the relationships you cherished for the initial 17 years of your life , it means preserving them in your heart like an old wine and enjoying it as the love become as sweet as wine!

About me - All I want in life is, a beach house with a library. If I'm able to achieve that, I'd be at peace with the world and with myself.


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