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Importance Of Being Arrogant

By Keerthana Vidya Lakshmi

There is always someone who teaches us good habits and we sometimes perceive it different and do it according to our whims and fancies. (In more extreme cases, this is called being a wiseass when someone else tries to actually help you out.) The fact is that,
Perception always differs between individuals
or as guys like to think of it, “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beer holder”. The more pints you are able to down, the better a view you’ll get of the topic at hand.

Most of us (lazy farts who are scratching their asses right now, please excuse yourself) are brought up with basic manners and sensibilities. All parents expect us to grow up as respectable, honest members of society. I have also inculcated all those habits within me.

But what our parents tend to teach us along the way, is that being arrogant is sometimes a necessary trend. Fact of the matter is, at some point you’re going to find yourself in a nasty world and the best path is to walk on by thinking that you’re a lot better than the rest. This is exactly the situation you might find yourself in on the first day of college.

Prying over others can be the most common attitude found among people. It is always difficult to speak the truth and even more to agree with it. But this is what that is really happening.

Generally to girls, the really important thing is what others think of them and so they like to have a very good impression. But that is no piece of cake. Its a simple logic, program yourself in such a way that you never smile at any boy who pass by you. And if he happens to ask you something, answer to the point or rather confuse him with idiomatic expressions and walk your way with head held high. Now that is a healthy arrogance. The next time he sees you, he will not utter your name. Instead he would call some other nerd to blow his trumpet, to show off in front of his friends.

So it is essential for every girl to learn the importance of healthy arrogance and how to put that to practice, to tackle any situation without you being used, “because you are worth it"(yes, you can pretend to say that in the voice of Aishwarya Rai if you must). Sometimes your attitude may be brought into question. But then, be more confident and say, "My attitude mean to harm to anyone and I love the way I am" as I do always. Good and bad never existed until we created it. The knife which is used to cut fruits can also cut another’s throat. It depends on the person to use it wisely.


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