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By Bhagyashree Deshmankar

Turning back the pages of life today
I landed to that beautiful reign,
When confidence and courage filled by being,
Enthusiastic me when proudly dwelled in childhood lane…

Time flew quickly
And youth knocked my doors,
It was my turn to step out now,
To enter the real world and discover distant shores…

With stories of fair world in my mind
I moved ahead on my way,
But the steps grew harder and heavier
As I confronted with evil world each day…
Lie, corruption, terror and lust
The real world was covered with this unhealthy rust…

But No!!! I’ll bring the change
I thought bravely as I headed.
One can meliorate the society I believed,
Only a determined will was needed…

I was nihilistic and skeptic
Towards all mal traditions,
Thus started the obnoxious journey
Of this sparrow in abattoir like conditions...

Wounds covered my torso
And soon my wings were slashed.
Still trudging forward
This spirit was continuously bashed

Seeing my pitiful condition
A well-wisher said it to me,
Your obstinacy to bring the change
Is only jeopardizing your life don’t you see???

No one in this world respects what is right,
Here moving against the current only decreases your might.
You can enjoy riches and success only if you get colored in their way,
Principles, values and truth in today’s world have no say…

Please forget these unyielding desires,
And stop suffering this pain.
Your deeds in this world would only be mocked
At last you would only be called insane…

I know my efforts may never find their goal,
My struggle may see fiasco and only gift torments to my soul.
But neither can I live with peace seeing this evil play,
Let me better live out free and follow my inner- self’s say…

For my sanity questions my existence
When I see my countrymen die when monsoon fails,
And then I turn to see terrorists
Being cared with millions behind the jails…

My sanity shatters when my fellow medico commits suicide,
And then I see illiterate men enjoying political powers on the other side.
When still many children have no access to education and play,
It laments seeing child labors still miles away from bright sunray…

My sanity shrivels seeing my army-men die
Due to import of poor quality weapons,
When those death dealers move proud and free
It weeps seeing my nation’s condition…

My sanity mocks my being
When citizen’s voice has no weight in my democratic nation,
When tyrant rulers forget common man’s agitations
And remember them only during election…
My sanity drops a silent tear
When still in my nation women are harassed,
When culprits move free, unpunished
And victims in my country are abased…

My sanity mourns when I realize
That even a small job in my country requires greenback under table,
Yes, it cries when opposing this ritual
Leaves my job undone and my position unstable…

Forgive me but I don’t understand
This witty world and its way,
Silent complains where integrally lay
But no one comes forward to say…

My arcane thoughts though not gifting me roses
But give me a great deal of satisfaction,
My small protests make my living worthwhile
And gradually I believe would ignite each soul of this nation…

Yes I know I am nothing more than a man of straw
But my struggles would continue till the last blood drop in my vein,
If sanity means being mum spectator to this evil play
Then please let me better be called insane…

About the writer : I am Bhagyashree Deshmankar. I am a medical student doing MBBS from MGM medical college Indore.


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