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Risen Soul Of Happiness

By Sandeep Kumar

Just trying to stop the blink of my eyes,
To have a complete view of such a beautiful place. 

A place where I’ve never been before with whole lot of greenery,
Where the sense of my feet on the ground was so pleasant.

I could see the flowers brighter than they should be.
The dew on the grass touching my feet freshened me up,
And the colorful butterflies flying around flowers for nectar.

Photo credit - Manushree Gangwar

The fragrance of the jasmine and the singing of the nightingale mesmerized me,
And brought me across a river almost covered with lotus on it..

A part of the river had a reflection of the sky lit brightly by a full moon,
And shining stars.

The sense of the cool breeze blowing through my face gave me a feeling that,
This was the place I’ve never been but it was also the place I always wished to be.

The very touch of my hands on the river created ripples which sundered the flowers,
Giving a disturbed reflection through the ripples.
As the ripples cleared I found reflection of me with an angel behind me, 
Who cleared out the gloominess, 
And gave rise to a soul of happiness in me.
A soul waiting for you to know that the angel I am looking at is actually you.

About : MBA Student from JNTU-CMU who loves reading. Reji(pen name). Writer by passion, Programmer by choice, MBA student by education.


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