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By Suyash Yeotikar 

Shadows of suffering and pain, 
Lurking in many hearts, 
Driving them insane, 
Tearing them apart, 
A war is about to start. 

One's loss, 
Another's gain.
One's life, 
Another's death. 
War causes suffering on both sides, 
Is what they don't get. 
In the eyes blinded by revenge, 
Their loss is all they want to avenge. 

And so a vicious cycle of hatred begins, 
Senseless deaths, 
An array of sins, 
One sheds the priceless blood, 
Of his very own kin, 
That is all the war brings. 

People say, 
"As long as there is humanity, 
So is war and hatred, 
There is no such thing as true peace, 
It's all false and meant to please".

But I tread upon a different path... 
A day will come when each one, 
Will understand the other, 
When there will be no feelings bitter, 
When there will be love for each, 
In every heart. 
When one's happiness, 
Will be other's happiness.
When one's pain, 
Will be another's pain.
When no amount of selfishness could break us apart, 
When to love there will be no end, 
No start.
The day all beating hearts will be one, 
The day when true peace will come. 

Fathoms deep in my heart, 
I believe, 
True peace, 
We will achieve. 
If there is any such thing as true peace, 
It shall be found. 
If there is any such thing as true peace, 
It will be seized. 
For to believe, 
Is to make it happen. 
For to believe, 
Is to project it real. 
For to believe, 
Is to make a start...

About : I believe in believing myself coz only then the world will believe me.


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