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I Mess You Life

By Vasundhara Goyal

Is it politically incorrect for someone (specifically a girl) to use abusive language for friends and then pick on the other ones on her facebook wall? I hope not. I live in times when sharing of a sophisticated relationship is only with enemies and fair-weather friends. I cannot hug my girlfriend and say, "OMG!!! Sweetu I missed you. You look stunning today." Even if I did miss her, I would rather drag her by the collar, smell her and say, "Bitch!!! Did you even take a bath?" My facebook wall is for my friends and not someone who reads each and every post of mine and then start scrutinizing me as if the next thing I am going to do is upload a nude picture of mine. Life isn't hard, but people around you try hard to make it just that. I came to a halt before unfriending my friend's Mom. Maybe this was not such a good idea for my well cultured and sophisticated image on her. Ask me, do I even care? Yes and no. My facebook interactions with people I know are not very charming and even though I will be portrayed as a stud to anyone who sees my wall and read my posts, I am a freaking nobody fattu in reality who is still trying to get over her fears (OK!! I agree I don't try, I just run away from them).

Photo credit - Chinmay Maheshwari
I have some wild ideas of living my life and I hate to say that every time I come up with some exciting stuff, my character certificate witnesses another fall of the graph. I see people working hard to be someone in life and I feel like shooting myself for lacking an ambition in mine. I might just end up working at a pizza place, thinking life can't be better than this even if the only good thing about it would be the thick crust double cheese burst Marguerite (I am not sure about the spelling) pizza with oregano and chili flakes. My ever low self-esteem and my laid back attitude drives my growth as an individual. I still depend on my parents for a lot of things and even though they bear with my tantrums and my occasional outbursts, I am sure I will be led by them to my final destination before I can even say "help".

I decided I would choose the best option for me available after B.Tech till the time I realized, probably this is something I will be doing my entire life and if I erred now, I would be lost forever. My ideas lack the initiation to get implemented, my concepts lack the courage to read on paper, my experience and my confidence lags behind my age. I suffer from what you call the Quarter Life Crisis, but if everything goes as not so planned, by the time I complete my silver jubilee, I hope I would still settle down with some reasonably good memories even if it is from working at a pizza place and feeding on a thick crust double cheese burst Marguerite pizza with oregano and chili flakes.

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Vasundhara Goyal
I eat when I am bored and I live by the quotes that explain exactly what I am going through. I fancy reading Archie comics for the love of my favourite character Jughead Jones and I tend to get attracted to guys with a persona like him. I am a loner and at times I search for lonely spots where I can just sit and daydream.


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