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A Purchase

By Megha Chauhan

We go to a store,
To buy new products.
Sometimes due to need,
And sometimes driven by an impulse.
We buy and we use,
But is it enough to carry them along?
Will those products last till the time we want?
If we do nothing to them and dump them astray,
Or use them till they last and then turn them away.
NO is the answer, as they require a maintenance
Be it a tv, or be it a mobile,
Be it a car, or a pity thing for a while,
A servicing, a little care is all what it takes.

Photo credit - Prashant Mohan
 We have many products in life,
And similarly we have many friends,
But if a product needs an attention,
Won’t the same go for him/her too?
A being far more complicated than a machine.
If it demands a little care,
Won’t he/she desire just the same?
A little time from our busy schedule,
A little heed, a little concern,
A little kind words, a little loving heart,
A little look, a little talk.
Be it a chat or be it a walk,
The needs for all remains the same.
And without satiating them the precious bond tends to fade.
Meeting new people, making new friends is easy,
Just the way strolling around and making a purchase.
But carrying them along along is imperative too.
Only then shall the transactions be successful,
Only then shall the life be worthwhile,
Only then shall we have people to call them ours,
And only then shall there be cheerful hearts. 

About the writer : Believer, optimistic, cheerful, witty, motivational, crazy, sociable, kind, friendly, lover, spiritual. Blend them all and that would be precisely me.


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