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Sapphire eyes

By Vishakha Gupta

As I stared at the canopy,
In the moon’s spotlight.
Listened to the melody,
Of the wind, through the night.

But then I sensed a silence,
It felt like the calm before the storm.
And then there was a screech so violent,
It pierced through the forest like a thorn.

I jumped to my feet, spine ablaze,
Gripped my sword, ready to slay.
With the corner of my eye, scanned the wooden maze,
There I saw it staring, waiting to flay.

As I turned around to meet its gaze,
It moved out in the moonlight, valiant.
Gawping at that creatures conceited face,
I realized I stood before the king of the treasure cavern.

With wings and mask like the eagles',
And bodily members like the lions'.
Eyes and claws evidently regal,
It guarded its aerie like a tyrant.

I fell to my knees, abdicated my sword,
Abase at its sight, felt a sense of pleasure.
Bowed my head and thanked the lord,
As I witnessed the cognate with cherub.

It gazed at me with azure eyes,
All my life’s yearnings sufficed.
Freed me from all worldly ties,
And I reached the divine zenith of light.


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