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The Waltz

By Pritika Magima

His smile as clear as water,
the way his eyes dance to the rhythm, 
the way his feet move in sync.
Photo credit - Vanessa

As his perfect hands cradle the small of my back,
the way he glides me through the floor,
like a summer dream in the shades of a coming winter.

Every woman casts a look of sheer lust,
as he calls for the eyes of every soul.

He pulls me closer
to the whole of him, 
enveloping me in sweet bliss, 
and I glide subconscious,
to the tunes he now plays with my heart.

The bond of minutes, a few
almost like a lifetime...
My wish, for it to stay immortal.

His scent magical and sensual,
mocking my innocence,
knowingly chuckles at my naivet√© 
while my cheeks flush a scarlet red.

Every woman envies my fate,
every man envies his charm.

We move across the floor in unison, 
to tell a tale of love ever after. 

About the author: Poetic. Whimsical. Freakishly attracted to romance novels these days.


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