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Rain, Joy Of Bliss

By Daneshwari Mirji

Feeling free as a bird,
Stretching carelessly my arms,
Looking at grey lightening sky;
Open my mouth, to catch rain droplets;
And Laughing on my own silliness;
Oh rain! fall to shrine again and again.

Welcoming, rain whole heartedly;
Fragrance of wet soil and kiss of rain;
Washing away my worries,
Flinching my Sun baked soul,
Quenching my thirst,
Oh rain! fall to shrine again and again.

Jumping around to quest hailstones;
Dancing in rain, cherishing every moment;
With romantic breeze, pitter- patter of rain;
Colorful rainbow, smiles at me;
As if adding colors to my life!
Oh rain! fall to shrine again and again.

Hiding Sun emerges through my window,
Now rain hides, my joy too;
Melody of rain slows down;
Again the Sun takes its turn;
Always welcome my rain, the bliss of joy,
Oh rain! fall to shrine again and again!    

About the author: A young student who believes that writing brings out our hidden emotions and talents!:)


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