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The Privileged Customer!

By Ashwin Govindraj

God! Why are you doing this to me? Why am I the only one who has to suffer, when everyone else is enjoying life and getting things done so easily? This was another one of my frequent complaints. The time was 10pm and I was the last person to leave office. The security guard was fast asleep with songs from ‘Hum aapke hain kaun’ playing in the background. Mumbling and grumbling I left office and sped away to the railway station lest I miss the last train. As I was entering the station a train was fast approaching and I scrambled to catch the train.

Photo credit - Chakradhar Nemani
Aboard the train I was in a pensive mood and was angry with my manager and with everyone from my office. Plugging in my earphones was the most soothing sensation and I felt a sense of calm gradually. That was when I took a look around and noticed some of my co-passengers on the train. Most of them were middle aged men and a few old people as well. Some of them did not have slippers to wear and were without proper clothes. One gentleman had a basket of cotton candy in one hand and his two year old daughter in the other hand. He seemed quite content and was playing with his daughter. That was when it dawned upon me, was I right in thinking I was the one who was suffering? Here was a person who had to go through the hardships of life in the searing heat selling cotton candy to support his family.

There are way too many people in our country who have to slog it out day in and day out just to feed their families. A majority of our population barely manage to make ends meet and every day is a struggle for survival. In spite of having many problems and financial burden, people can still appreciate the small things in life and take each day as it comes.

Do you have a place to stay? Food to eat? Water to drink? A place for sanitation? These are what we’d like to consider basic amenities. What must become of those who consider these luxuries. In spite of having the best of many things, we still complain and want more. We should be thankful for what we’ve got and help other people as well instead of moaning. This is easier said than done, but there is no harm in trying. So the next time you think of cursing or shooting off a complaint to god, think again, you are ‘PRIVILEGED’!


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