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That's All !!

By Srishti Rani

Photo credit - Vanessa
Not all wars are fought on battlefields. Some wars are won and lost to the person staring at you from inside the mirror. Not all big challenges are about controlling inflation or curbing terrorism — some challenges are all about confronting yourself. Abandoning the bed and setting up for another day takes more than just a missed call or your friend knocking on your bed room door. It takes a spirit of adventure. A lot of it.

On an average all I want is: a decent CGPA, to be a good daughter,sister and friend, to maintain a good figure, to make nice friends and never lose them, not to give a damn to the world, and give the smile on my face the least chance of being just a curve of lips! And then I see the little kids of the laundry lady who comes to our hostel every Monday and Friday. Busy with the shaggy doll they have, talking among themselves and flaunting a natural, innocent and beautiful smile, they make me wonder what it is that they want? I don’t have the answer. But I know one thing which is common between them and me - the longing for happiness.

They say your life is not about just you. I say its crap. When you’re lying alone in bed at night, when the people you chat with on Facebook are offline, when you don’t have a message pack, and when your hostel friends have already slept, you are all by yourself. This is when mind truly comes to the party. You wonder about your life and where you’re headed, and at that moment your life is all about you! No one is there to tell you to see the rose or the thorns or just pluck the flower and give it to your lover. You’re a one man army discovering that writing lab records every alternate day, cramming up the semester long course just a night before comprehensive exam , going out there and getting a job is all that is logical. The real life is about making money, keeping your family satisfied and having a handsome bank balance upon retirement.

That’s all.


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