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Rebel Without A Cause

Religion tells us there’s balance all around us. Opposites that are worlds apart but strangely interdependent. Symbiotic. Good is good because of evil. Opposites provide a frame of reference against which they can be compared. No god without the devil. Yin Yang. No authority then, without rebellion. As simple as that. Then what are we talking about?

Ideally we’d all like perfect harmony and balance all around us. Turbulence is the enemy. Sadly it’s time to wake up. You can’t hold the speedo at 60 throughout the journey. Takes too much effort. Sometimes it reads 62, and on other occasions 57-58. It’s balanced out in the long run and that’s all that counts. We pick our battles. Not because they’re cool but because we need to bring the speedo back to 60. Opposite lock only works after the tail has stepped out. Google it. Rebelling because it’s the “in” thing right now makes as much sense as applying opposite lock to a car moving in a straight line. Opposite to what?

So get over yourself. Your rebellion isn’t for a worthy cause. You aren’t someone’s messiah. Stop kidding yourself. Take the poster of Guevara off your wall. You know nothing about him. Stop saying “peace” all the time. Quit whining. The world is not on your shoulders. No more pseudo suicidal status updates. It’s not that no one “gets you”. It’s that no one cares. Lose the perennial frown. Drop the goth-chick act. Quit moping around so you can realize it’s not you against the world. It never was. So what are we talking about?

We’re talking about that all important balance. We don’t need ten plagues to set things right. An open mind would do just fine. Every stage of evolution involves radical changes. Changes concentrated in and around a select few sections of society or around a select few species. Imbalance. Now those left out have a choice to make. Fight the changes - Rebellion. Or move with the times. Pop culture tells us rebellion is a necessarily evil. Except that it doesn’t. It conveniently leaves out the necessary evil part. It’s what the manipulators don’t tell you that could kill you. You’re told you’re the saviour. You’re the messiah. You’re the soldier of Fortune. But you’re not. You’re the suicide bomber. You’re the evil that makes the devil cringe. You are the ten plagues no one ordered.

You’re parents don’t “get you”? Of course they don’t. You don’t get you! Rebel when your life depends on it. Not because you aren’t allowed in to class without clean shoes. We’re back to square one. We pick our battles. What was once a powerful tool in the hands of the oppressed is now a phase of teenage. Don’t be that guy. Don’t cry wolf at the slightest hint of an obstacle. Man up.

Don’t blame the Ref. You blew the game. Th-e question paper wasn’t tough. You were under-prepared. It’s not always the system’s fault. You’re not the answer. You’re not The One.  Not until you can see green characters scroll down the space in front of you. But then I’m too late. You’re already on the dark side. Ever the rebel. That sense of weightlessness isn’t you mastering gravity. It’s the fumes consuming your consciousness. You’re falling in to an abyss but you don’t know it yet.

You are falling......

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Nishant Boorla
Sarcasm means the world to me. Yeah that's always a good place to start. I watch movies...a lot of movies! Sports nut and a die hard Manchester United fan. Highly opinionated and that shows in my articles.


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