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21 Jump Street - Movie Review

 By Leela G. Prasad

'21 jump street is funny enough to make your face hurt with laughter.'

It is not the first time that I have been suckered into watching a movie that was recommended by a critic. And it won't be the last either. If you'd take 'Super Bad' as the yardstick to measure all teenage comedies, then 21 jump street would probably squeeze itself between American Pie 4 and American Pie 5.

Super Bad had an equally super fat and super funny Jonah Hill and 21 jump street has a half funny and a half-sized Jonah Hill (lost 40 pounds since then). The last time I have seen Channing Tatum, before watching 21 jump street, was in the forgettable G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. He makes ballet dancing in Step Up look easier than his attempt at R-rated comedy.

21 jump street follows two buddy cops on their first assignment, as they go undercover dressed as high school students, to bust a drug supplier peddling hallucinogens at school. High school doesn't particularly bring any happy memories for both as they missed their prom night.

Eight years after passing out of school, they think they know everything they had to know about school but they are in for a surprise. Apparently, punching the black-gay kid at school is not cool anymore nor is driving a mustang that gives seven miles to the gallon. On a mission to infiltrate the dealers and find the drug supplier, they would have to win over the trust of a group of cool kids who drive cars that run on bio-fuel and are in the school's drama team.

A mix of flat jokes, punctuated with a romance angle between Jonah Hill and Brie Larson, which includes a scene where Jonah and Tatum try to force vomit by sticking their fingers down each others throats sets the tempo for the rest of the movie. It has more dick jokes than the number of F words in 'Goodfellas' and it tries so hard to make you laugh that it features Johnny Depp in a cameo role with a tatoo on his dick.

Ice Cube starring as Captain DICKson, is probably the only character in the movie who could make you LOL without trying too hard. Sometimes, you'd wish for him to become 'XXX' again and shoot the two leads ending the movie then and there. 21 jump street is like the 'scary movie' version of all the buddy cop films that Hollywood has been rehashing since the beginning of time. It's strictly for those who don't have date on a prom night.

Rating: 2/5


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