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The Rebel Generation

Change is an inevitability. Resistance to it, human nature. Rebellion, our method.

What was once must not always be. Culture, as with life, must evolve with time. It is our time now. We are the present, the future is ours. We sit on the side lines no more, while you do continue your antiquated ways. One way or the other, we shall meet our own doom. We seek only your blessing not your permission.

Do not presume to tell us what to do. Our minds are ignited, and thoughts, in flight. Your word counts no more, for we challenge the very basis of your authority. We are not the meek and obedient little kids you once were. We are our own masters, ever the sceptic, ever the believer, always loud, always brash.

Do not take this momentary silence as your victory. You cannot shackle us with your overbearing customs, or your preachy higher-than-thou moral values. Do not presume to suppress our intellect with your pedagogical education. We don’t need you, we have each other. We trip on our feet, and we run our own race.

Do not mollify our anger with empty promises. We are young, not blind. We bring change with every tiny act of defiance. Join us and earn our respect. Oppose us, and we will fight back. We will not submit. We will not be you, all over again! We are the youth of the nation, we are the rebel generation.


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