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By Harsh Joshi

There are countless magazines, journals, blogs where you’ll find an article on how great people find opportunities out of none that exist. They fashion them out of thin air, from the constituents of day to day life they create something magnificent; a notion, an idea that goes beyond simply you and me to a much larger audience. I don’t think that ideas have to be like the tsunami -- overwhelming and all powerful; but they are much like a friendly push, a small nudge that helps transform an individual to become or do something more, something higher than already achieved.

I have long wondered; in futility I might add, to understand how this magic is worked.  To understand the way in which a person could look at all the small things life offers and take them and use them and convert them to biblical proportions (Extravagant? Yes, perhaps). Truth is, I still don’t know how to do that, but it doesn’t hurt to try does it? Actually, this article itself is such a task, not that I am projecting my own greatness, but this article comes not from any idea or inspiration that I had, for everyone (as I am right now undergoing) goes through a phase where nothing makes sense, there is nothing of worth that needs to be said, and there are no things that are worth the while. This article is an endeavour to allow me to try and write from day to day life.

When I came to Vidyasagar for the 3rd Annual VOSA Meet, I asked Rachna Ma’am to try and get the school administration to allow the articles written by ex-students to be included in the school magazine and that came about in this year’s edition. Now the problem was this, by the end of January, I had no idea what I wanted to write and what message I intended to convey. Even till today as I write this piece, on the 27th of February little did I know which direction this was going to take. But as I sit here and write, I realize, not everything has to have a point, and so this article doesn’t have a point. I do promise that in this article you’ll not find a single piece of useful information, no good advice, nor any direction whatsoever.

Then again, what about the beginning? What about the talk of finding great ideas and inspiration? And what about success and the great people who find opportunities out of none that exist? That is something that you yourselves will have to ponder upon on your own. You see, this is my great idea, maybe not an original one, but still great; that doing something for furthering a goal and propagating an idea is one thing and is laudable but what is more important in your life and mine and in everybody else’s is to enjoy what you do and to do what you enjoy -- both in harmony.  By the way, I have just stolen one of my mother’s evergreen sayings (Don’t tell her, okay?)

Ideas won’t come knocking on your door, they won’t say “Howdy, partner!”, they will most definitely not awaken you in the middle of the night and zap you with Herculean energy for you to move the world as it were.  And so all a person can hope for during their pursuit of ideas that they need, is that an idea comes to their mind not because of luck or “Divine Intervention”(Any gamers will get the reference), but by the application of their thought to produce ideas that are great.


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