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The Things That Mystified Us As Children

By Aradhna Mangla

When I was a child, I would never tire of asking questions. But I would just not stop when I would be in the car.

Looking out from the rear of the car, with feet dangling off the backseat, I would torpedo my parents with endless jabber, and being the nice parents they are, they would tirelessly humor me. (I’m lucky I did not get given away to an orphanage really!)

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A lot of stuff held wonder for me as a child and I’m sure many of you will agree too.I grew up in an age where we didn’t have personal phones, personal computers came in late and ipods were rare. And actually, we didnt care!School and then the playground (And the dreaded homework!) - This occupied our days. But we would never be too tired to question things. Even when our parents forbade us from doing something, the first thing that would come out from our mouths would be a big, fat WHY! I have always loved cooking, and when I was a midget, I would try to peer into the pots on the stove or try to stir them. I was always dumbfounded by cakes, I couldn’t understand how a liquid-y white mass could become a glorious, spongey cake! Now, of course, I know the scientific reasons behind them, but as a child, it was nothing short of magic for me! Cars too posed aother enigma. Having watched Flintstones, I would always presume that it was my Dad who padded on the road and made the car move. Imagine my confusion when I saw that there were no holes on the floor to do so!

But these questions are born of lack of knowledge. And as one question was answered, another would spring in its place! The mind is so much like a muscle. Albeit one, that we train too little. (I’ve read this somewhere!) Why is it that very few things surprise us anymore? A person jumping through a ring of fire hardly elicits the same response from us as it does from a child. If we started to collect shiny rocks as chidren do, we would be called silly. We would say that we know the mechanics/physics/logic/arguments etc behind things. Has growing up, diminished our capacity to gaze in wonder? I guess thats one question we can’t answer in riddles.


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