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Interview - Aman Wilson

Aman Wilson is by profession a commercial pilot and by passion a photographer. The 24 year old Delhite describes his relation with the camera thus, "I have been playing with the camera since my dad bought one when I was really young maybe even before I was born. But I really got into photography like a year back and since then there has been no stopping me from clicking whatever catches my eye. What started out as a hobby has now turned into a profession." After learning from internet, books,YouTube etc. he decided to take it a step further and learn from a professional. He is now an apprentice under veteran O.P Sharma at Triveni Kala Sangam.
Q. What prompted you to enter this profession?
A. Like i said, I had been clicking with my dad’s camera but i really got interested in photography like a year back when one of my uncles bought me a new DSLR.I became really fascinated with all the things i could do with a camera. And then the journey of self-exploration began...

Q.What were your biggest roadblocks?
A. Biggest roadblock...I guess the fact that I didn't own a DSLR at the time i started out was a a big roadblock. I did have a point and shoot and had to make do with it and just keep learning. On the plus side, due to that restriction I learnt that its more the person behind the camera who matters and not the camera itself. 

Q. Indians are pretty shy about getting photographed. How do you overcome this?
A. Oh yes. I have come across this a lot...but once you are able to convince someone that it’s for the right purpose and make them feel comfortable they pose for you!!

Q. What is the story of the man behind the lens? 
A. I truly believe that it’s more the person behind the camera that matters as my guru Mr.O.P Sharma says because if you don't have the eye for catching an interesting composition then even your best equipment won't make a difference.

Q. A bit about your camera, which camera do you use?
A. I own the canon EOS 7D with 18-135mm and a 50mm.

Check out his photographs here


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