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Earned Regrets

By Harshita Bhatnagar

Photo credit - Sahil Mehta

I lie awake late at night
Gazing at the heartless stars
Shining in glory, far away
From realization of the earth’s pain.
I pass them a silent curse
And walk inside to dream.

The sun knocked at my window
And stung in my eye,
I push up the covers leaving it insulted
Of having broken my serene dream,
And dragging me
To the heart-rending reality.

I lift my cup of coffee
And sipping through it
Find it tasteless and devoid
Of the sweet flavour of sugar.
I dump it and see the crystals
Mocking me from the bottom.

The calendar fluttered behind me
Pink and new and unrecognised
And then it dawns on me
That I’ve stepped in yet another new year
With as many suns and stars and coffee mugs
As the year that said farewell.

I walk to my desk deciding to pen
The memories of the year gone by.
But the pen froze my heart and I
Choked on all the words that I didn’t have,
Of enjoying a starry night
Or smilingly basking in the first light.

Oh how foolish I had been
To not realise the mute spur of the stars
And the sun’s silent promise that
However long the night, the dawn shall break.
And that life doesn’t give up on us.
It is sweet but just not stirred well.


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