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By Clive Pereira

Memories that once were . . .

Childhood : a simple time where your toughest challenges are eating all your veggies and getting good grades. At the time it seemed like it was the hardest gig in the world and you could not wait to grow up, but then you did and you began to see the world in a completely different light. Looking back you see that nothing is better that being a child. The innocence, the utter disregard for anything besides you and your toys, food given to you when you want, and pretty much everyone fussing over you. If you haven’t figured it out... yes I was the youngest of the lot. A little pampered I must admit but none the less I think I turned out ok. Your childhood is
something you can never get back, no matter how hard you try once you grow up, you grow up. No longer can you imagine the bed sheet on a few chairs to be a castle, no longer is an upside
down chair a horse chariot which you use to slay the dragon and save the princess from for the forces of evil. If I must say the most missed aspect about my childhood is neither the toys nor the extra attention, it would have to be the sense of imagination. At that age every object you see can turn itself into something magical, something extraordinary or something out of this world. The possibilities are limitless and the stories are intricate as ever. Neither physics nor any science can explain them but yet you relished every minute of it.

Photo Credit - Prasanth Akki
Childhood memories are not without their dull or less sparkly moments. It’s these moments which make the good ones sparkle even more. There are those times where you felt like there was no hope whether it was a bully or a family feud. The important thing to keep in mind is that it’s the good times that shape you, but it’s the bad times that make you. Don’t forget the bad but look back on the good.

Every good thing has to come to an end, and your childhood being one of the best was no different. The day it happened was a memorable one, it’s was the day you looked at a bed sheet and all you saw was nothing but a bed sheet. When we look back at all out childhood memories sparkling or otherwise we look back at a time which made us who we are.

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Clive Pereira
Interested in adventure sports and experiencing urban culture


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