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What Are We Trying To Save

Cigarettes burn, women bleed,
What are we trying to save?
Moving forward is only one of the many ways to live. It is probably the hunger to find meaning in what is otherwise a pretty empty existence. We fight to live only for the fear of death. This is foolish, if you ask me.

I saw him hoping against hope
An old man of borrowed breaths
But his life is only as real,
As of the ones who filled his time,
All already sentenced to death

We spend millions of pounds and half our time on extravagant scientific projects trying to figure out just why we exist. Philosophers and religious men have their own screwed up opinions. I don’t know what the truth is and I don’t judge, but all I see around me are distractions.

I saw his hand-built make-believe home
With enough to keep us all occupied
So we’re busy living, so we don’t analyze
The reason for reason, so we don’t ask
At least till the old man dies

Our existence is only temporary and we know it. And so we start screwing with it. We create a world where the mere purpose of our lives becomes moving forward. And we start building, for when moving forward will longer be an option, we’ll need something to look back on.
And we get all messed up between living and analyzing.

Sitting atop his own world, he counts the rolling tears
And what he’s built and what will remain,
And what he’s taken to his grave
For all he wants is to have mattered
He lost his watch long ago, and he didn’t even notice
Cigarettes burn, women bleed, what are we trying to save?


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