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Rewind | A Foreword

 By Clive Periera

They used to put a smile on your face every time you saw them scampering around fighting with one another or just plain lazing around not doing anything besides eating and having the day off. If you’re thinking what I’m thinking then we are talking about your favourite cartoons. Tom and Jerry, Pink Panther, Garfield and Friends, Powerpuff Girls and so many more. When you think back to when you used to watch these cartoons you go back into a simpler time, a time without responsibility, a carefree time just like the one Garfield seems to still have. 
Well, this month, it is all about reliving your childhood. Take a day or two off and spend that time with your favourite cartoon character. Watching re-runs is always fun; every joke, every dynamite stick hits you with a wave of nostalgia. They definitely don’t make them like they used to. Nowadays it’s all peace, love and joy and purple dinosaurs, which ironically makes me feel violent. The classics were not only entertaining, but also educational, giving us ideas on how to get back at our annoying sisters or how to steal pic-a-nic baskets….ahhh childhood… good times!Jokes apart, watching old cartoons makes you realize how clever they really were, and gives you a second chance to appreciate hidden pop-culture references or humor that may have gone over your head as a child; you’re not only watching re-runs, you’re seeing them in a different light.
The old episodes of Tom and Jerry were some of the top rated and had a completely different feel form the modern computer generated ones. Unfortunately, most of the cartoons we love, the classic cartoons, are difficult to come across. They are off the air and rarely found on DVD. The best way you can have access to all those old memories is by turning towards the internet. Websites like toonjet, internet archive, Hulu are some of the best when it comes to old cartoons. You can enjoy old episodes of that modern Stone Age family or episodes of Wile.E.Coyote chasing the Roadrunner (shockingly, for 48 episodes, a half hour special and a feature film; if that isn’t a lesson in perseverance I don’t know what is).
There might be several instances where you feel that the cartoon you were watching was much better back then.  Just chill out, you’re not 7 anymore! Go with it and watch it like you watched it in the good old days (but in HD of course). So with the theme being cartoons this month lap up all you can get and catch up with your childhood favourites!

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Clive Pereira
Interested in adventure sports and experiencing urban culture


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