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Nirvana In A Tea-Cup

It wakes us up in the morning.
It's the cubicle dweller's sustenance.
It ranges from a burnt brown to milky orange.
Its something that was worn in small pouches by the first people to sail across the world.
Its what Britain paid China in opium for.

Its Tea for the urban sophisticate.
Or just "Chai" in the chalti bhasha.

Its an addiction of sorts. My body starts craving it after regular intervals. ( I need my daily fix :P )

However its also similar to sleep - "the balm of hurt minds."
Nursing a hot cuppa and brooding is sometimes the best hug you can give yourself.

I'm gonna share a recipe with you.

I like it black. It gives my system the kind of hit I want.
Its an esoteric blend of earth and warmth, of the sharpness of tea and the mellowness of honey.

I call it "Nirvana in a Tea-cup"

Things you need :

1 tsp of Tea leaves.
1 cup (150 ml) of Water.
1 tsp of Honey.
A few sprinkles of Rose petals.
What you do now :

- Dunk the tea leaves into a pan of boiling water till the  desired color is achieved.
- The longer the tea stays in it, the stronger the tea will be.
- Add the rose petals.
- Strain it into your favourite mug, add honey, stir it up and enjoy!
(snuggle into your favourite pajamas, curl up and watch re-runs of F.R.I.E.N.D.S)

Complex flavors, don't you think so?
You must be saying to yourself,"She's putting roses into her tea! Eww!"

But believe you me, try it to believe it.
Soon its gonna become your little excuse to escape from the world. :)

Disclaimer: The author does not endorse substance abuse in any form whatsoever. However she is confused whether Bhang and chocolate come under this category. (Just kidding)


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