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Point Of No Return

Well, half way there, standing stupid, thinking how about I stop here
Looking back, there’s noise, and a sober you and a million scares
Orbiting your head, conscious throughout, of the easier way out
How about mind over matter, how about unraveling the pattern

Wondering, letting needles in your veins, might ease the pain
But pleasure and pain, different-sames, really, acquired tastes
 Chemicals and masks, reality-games, really, acquired tastes, baby
The light is always on you, herbs can only help shift blames

But don’t ask me how it feels, letting need take over
Watching dreams take shape, building your own transient escape
The numbers finally add up, the words start to rhyme
You’ve been there before, haven’t you, this isn’t your first time

The gradually loudening sounds resonate and fill the surreal-silent-surrounds
The ceiling, now, rests under your bed, as eyes traverse the insides of you head
Subconscious rips open, the interiors now set free, to settle scores with reality
There’s Lucy in the sky, with diamonds, of course, and with infinite possibilities

But you know you’re fate, you’ve seen it all,
Laughing all along, at the crystal ball
You’re an addict now, a creature of habit now,
Do you remember your bicycle day?
Those inhibitions, those dictionary definitions
That “no sunshine through the shade”
You were once only half way there, standing stupid, thinking how about I stop here

Now you look back and realize,
Your whole life was theorized, at the point of no return
Haha, and you close your eyes,
And let past and future coincide, at the point of no return


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