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Her Cruelty

By "Too Right I Won't"

She was beautiful. She was cruel. She was a Creature of the Dark, in a disguise of Light.
She could drive a man to the heights of happiness, drown him in the depths of depression, and push him to the edge of exhaustion all at the same time, only vaguely aware of the effect she had. Her mere existence was enough to drive men to the verge of insanity. They were all compelled to try and understand her, to find out her myriad masks, but each time time they thought they knew her, the enigma only deepened. Till they either gave up out of sheer exhaustion, or slowly descended into madness. They thirsted for her approval, inspite of knowing that anything she gave them was like the summer rain. Fleeting, yet so damned nirvanic.
Sometimes she was kind, and it was like the first breeze of autumn, and that made her cruelty so much more difficult to endure. It was not an active, directed cruelty either. It was mere indifference, and that caused all the more damage.

It was not that her face inspired awe or envy. Those who did not know her wondered what on earth drew people to her like suicidal moths. Like a will-o’-the-wisp, her mind ensnared them before they knew it, and they found they could not but follow where she led.

No one was quite sure if she revelled in her ability to reduce the finest of minds to utter incoherence. It was quite possible that she was utterly oblivious to the power she held over them. Uncertainty was the essence of her life-force, and she left chaos in her wake.
Sometimes they loved her, sometimes they hated her. But one thing they all knew: they would never be free of her sway.


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