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The Editorial

By Vakul Mohanty

Hello! The jobless are back again. It’s about time too, I guess. Anyway this time’s issue was really challenging. The team met up (and it’s more than just a bunch of friends now!) in the mess to decide on the general structure of this issue about 2 weeks ago and courtesy Sahil, some good arguments and some even better dictatorship, the theme is ‘The Seven Sins’. *Drum roll and background music*. We have tried to rally the content of the issue around this central theme, the design and the choice of articles makes this self-evident. It certainly wasn’t easy to pull off, it was the toughest issue till date and because of that I now have a new found respect for the seven sins. But challenging is good, it means we’re able to stretch the limits of our work spheres and I hope that your comments, suggestions and contributions will make LTGTR only more exciting.
A regular reader of LTGTR is in for some surprises this time. First we have two new columns. I have wanted to publish a book review for some time now, and at last LTGTR has its first book review “To Kill A Mocking Bird”. This classic by Harper Lee is already a well-documented book, however it was perfect for the present issue-a look into the pride in human nature-and it doesn’t really hurt to refresh our memories does it? Next we have a column that gives a character sketch of pop literature characters. Literature buffs should really watch out for these columns as the writer handling these columns, I assure you, will keep dishing out really quality reviews. The biggest surprise will however be our collaboration with OTR (On The Rocks) - the editorial board of BPHC (BITS Pilani Hyderabad Campus). The collaboration was forged on the request of OTR. We have provided them with space to publish some of their works in this issue. Among the OTR articles I would personally suggest ‘Atlas Shrugged’ and ‘Wrath’. The first a modern take on Greek mythology, the second ‘Wrath’ is an excellent piece of writing in which the author delves into the human psyche to understand wrath.
But now back to LTGTR. We have a comic description of college life in which the author tries to depict the sloth that he is. We have more (dry) humor in a well written article ‘What’s In a Number’ the author argues about why she relates so deeply to the number 3 (p.s. Douglas Adams fans are going to love the ending of this one. I would also like to mention the freewheeling verse the ‘8th sin’ which redefines our idea of sin.
And before I sign off, as always watch out for the Jobless column (You shall laugh you’re a***s off), ‘Best of FB’ etc.  Happy reading, please do join our Facebook page and send in your suggestions. Your support and feedback will drive us to perfection, if there is such a thing as perfection.


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