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Delhi Belly

Movie Review
By SuryaTej Borra

Delhi Belly

RATING: 4.5/5
Director: Abhinay Deo
Production: UTV Motion Pictures,Aamir Khan Productions Pvt. Limited
Music & Background Score: Ram Sampath
Writer: Akshat Verma
Starring: Imran Khan, Vir Das, Kunal Roy Kapur, Shehnaz Treasurywala, Poorna Jagannathan
Specialities:  Aamir Khan’s debut in the item number genre
Controversy with a capital C!

Delhi Belly is the story of three bachelors and roommates residing in Delhi who live life on the edge when a mysterious packet makes an entry. The movie is a perfect representation of the selfish, foul mouthed and the mediocre country with more than 1 billion opinions. When it was announced as a 96 minute feature with no interval, they had an idea -to give people a nonstop entertainer and a laugh riot.  Delhi Belly is a flick which cannot be liked by all but is backed by a brilliant writing and an honest intent to deliver a quality film from its makers. It is sired by Aamir Khan Productions Pvt. Ltd. which produced magnum opus flicks like Lagaan and Taare Zameen Par.
A must watch for every Indian, it is a series of deadpan comedy sequences which makes you laugh till your throat chokes. It is a tale which relates to each and every Indian who inhabits his share of this chaotic nation. Right from a normal middle class man to a high profile jewel merchant, the story brilliantly covers anyone and everyone. Delhi Belly is not just a story, I would see it as a refreshing break from the regular commercial flicks. Even though it raised a lot of eyebrows as well as hackles, it managed to keep its head above water and all the credit goes to the director Abhinay and his team who did a marvelous job. Well, Delhi Belly is not a satire in true sense but is a comedy which is derived out of the lifestyle and mindsets of this nation’s population. It is like taking a good-humored dig at ourselves. You may be ashamed but remember the legendary former president APJ Abdul Kalam’s legendary words - “We Indians exclude ourselves when we mention the word Indians.” 

Imran Khan In Delhi Delly Coming to the movie, it is strictly for those above 18 years of age (strongly recommended). If you don’t believe me, then go ahead but you must be prepared to hear the F word used as various parts of speech, all the time. But frankly speaking, the script needed it. The dialogues and the characters are characteristic of rom-com flicks and all the protagonists have done a wonderful job. But the real heroes and heroines of this movie are the technicians because Delhi Belly is a technical wonder which amuses you every moment. 
Imran Khan has evolved as an actor with this movie and is slowly inching towards the top brass. Vir Das and Kunal Roy Kapur did a fantastic job commanding more screen presence than their previous ventures. Shehnaz Treasurywala is gorgeous and a special mention to Poorna Jagannathan who plays a pivotal role - kudos to this girl for assaying such a brave role. Of course, not to say that the others weren’t brave when they took on their parts.
Technically, this movie is heavily inspired by Hollywood but its individual brilliance shines through. Music and Background score take the major share of credit with some stunning work. All the songs by Ram Sampath have been very artistic in their very own genre with my favorite being ” I Hate you ( Like I love you)” Adding to it, is the item song-like picturisation on Aamir. Cinematography by Jason West is top notch and Akshat Verma proves that his pen has sensible stories to tell. Bold and intelligent writing with crisp, witty twists in the story is the take-home message.
This film also shows their responsibility and commitment towards film making. FYI Aamir himself opted for an A certificate by choice, just to protect the interests of people’s sensibilities. In a nutshell, the movie is a perfect flick in all senses. Because if I start criticising this marvel, I am afraid that the argumentative Indian in me gets exposed. However this film strongly appeals to the multiplex crowds and the youth and will not get good reception from the single screens. However, success is guaranteed. Go for it. It is a wonderful movie and the best I have seen this year. Hats off to Aamir and his whole production team.
P.S. : I have delayed this review till I watched it twice, so that I can write it with more conviction and content.


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