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The Empty Seat

By Srishti Rani

And now I walk this unlit lawn,

To wonder where the light has gone,
The yellowed grass under my feet, l
Leads me on to your empty seat.

I sit down there,
Your thoughts repeat,
The tears, the laughter, the petty fights,
The jolly cheers in merry lights.
This was the place we all did play
Till the gales of time blew it away
Leaving back the ruins of yesterday,

Your memories ripple beyond the shore,
I watch from far, I can do no more.

Tears roll down, but I fake a smile,
As you wave good bye all the while,
Just set to sail; away a hundred mile,

If you must go, so long,
Know that my soul too goes along,
It won’t let go your hand, my friend.

I’ll keep coming here,
To dream of you,
Of the lights all gone,
Of the flowers few,
To the grass all yellowed ,with lost hue,
To this empty seat left behind by you……


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