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Flights Of Fantasy

By Edocsil

Traveling is truly bothersome, and it’s worse if you are heading off to a place which you don’t particularly like (hot, humid, alien place on God’s good three dimensional space i.e.)

 Anyway, my advice if you are heading off to such a despicable place : just take a flight, saves you the excruciating brooding over your darn fate and trying to find a rational explanation as to why God hates you. Trust me, time flies when you are staring at the clouds and the tin can you are travelling in, is moving at a speed close to the speed of sound (Einstein was so wrong!)

Hmmm….so what was I actually planning to blabber about?? Lets see, yes! So the perfect solution to escape the clutches of boredom, is going to sleep. Well, now that isn’t always possible. Assume you have this annoying big mouth with stinky feet sitting next to you that can’t really sleep, well not without poking a fine little needle into your ears! Even after that there is a fairly good chance that you will end up with your nose near his foot (very likely in a train), that isn’t going to be a pretty experience. Though, if you are a weirdo who isn’t bothered by the prospect of a severely damaged olfactory system, all is well.

So what is the solution to this problem, you ask? That depends. I would like to chat away to death with Megan Fox, but it really isn’t the same with the stinky feet guy. I would rather stick to myself and sulk away in my corner as far away from the stench as possible (man, diffusion is a bitch! the smell’s gonna get to me all the same!)

We seem to have hit upon a major problem, you say - yes, seems to be so does it not? Well my friend, why do you think I’m here?? My absolute jobless existence has enabled me to ponder over this fundamental problem and here is my solution to this fundamental dilemma. Imagination is a powerful thing, it can conjure up an explicit little scenario for yourself. The way in which you choose to wield this powerful tool depends on the way God decided to fix your wiring.

If you are a perverted little chimp, then well your libido is going to drive your little fantasy world in a direction that I would rather not get into, though I guess it’s going to be fun. The philosophicalguy is gonna go all beserk….”Look at the sun drift along space for all eternity through the haze of space and time….” Blah blah blah.....just make sure you don’t get any divine revelations during your little philosophical experience, because we already have enough theorems to bother with, adding another one will just earn you a lot more profanity that you otherwise would have earned.

Then there are the kiddos - “Mummy, look! The place is flying through a pile of cotton candy!” “Ahhh, he’s so cute!!” goes a girl in the background. Whatever your fantasy is, it’s guaranteed to be a lot more fun than mindless chatter, sloth-like sleeping and staring at crumbling parchments. Experience the beautiful solitude of journey!!  


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