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Obviously Dead

You, the ugly, the impaired, beauty all there, learn to kiss yourself
You, impatient for new shoes, a reset button may be, learn to love your pair

Off with your clothes and in front of a mirror, stand naked to yourself for once
Judge not the curves, fear not the not-so-straight lines, question not their intersections

You, oblivious to all inspections, smile at how beautiful you are, yes
But let the simplest version of perception, laugh at your imperfection

You, the dull blue t-shirt in your closet, you are but your disrespected decision
Shunned to the point, it doesn’t want to fit you anymore; you are but your pseudo version

You wake up, yes, but wide eyed with words that rhyme,
With winning the fight, bridging the gaps all the time
You dream, yes, but only of becoming someone else,
Unabridged, no one is, revel in the incompleteness

You, the cold, the cadaverously unaware, life all there, but you say they blindly misread
And this time, for once, blame yourself, for it’s your own eyes that you’ve shed,
You, at your best, are still obviously dead……………


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