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By SuryaTej Borra

The world today just runs on money and business .Theatre and films are also no exception to it. This has led to the degradation of the fundamental philosophy of fine arts which is appreciation. But we can still be fortunate that the film industry has off the beat and art film makers. In this genre the first person I would remember would be Padmashri K Vishwanath. His movies are personification of Classical Indian Fine Arts.It is to the extent that he was conferred the title “Kalatapsvi” which means “ One who treats arts as divine.” Each movie of his is a masterpiece and a milestone in the Indian Cinema. Each movie unveils to us an glittering splendor of Indian Art and Culture. This art icon has 10 National Awards, 12 Filmfare Awards and 10 Andhra Pradesh State Awards to his name. His movie “ Swatimuthyam” was India’s official entry into Oscars in 1986. He won innumerous accolades in many International Film Festivals. South Indian maestro Kamal Hassan himself termed K Vishwanath as a legend and a mangnum opus filmmaker. Here are some of his films which are worth mentioning through the timeline:

1. Sankarabharanam (1978):  “Sanakarabharanam”  is a famous Carnatic  Raga. This movie depicts the life and music of a famous Carnatic vocalist who is an authority in this raga. It also quietly depicts the life of a dancer who treats him like his Guru. The movie brings to light the affinity of the Indian society towards Western Music and Dance and consequent negligence of the traditional arts. The movie brings to light the stories of many people who have a struggling life financially who are musicians. It brings to life the passion and dedication the artists show to music. Box office records say that this movie ran for a full house for 2 years continuously.

2. Sagara Sangamam (1984): Kamal Hassan once said that his best performance is his role in Sagarasangamam. This movie soulfully narrates the life of a dancer who never gets recognition for his talent and desire. The movie also depicts dance as an emotion of human life and existence. Each dance recital in this movie is just picture perfect. The scene in which Kamal Hassan depicts all the 8 forms of Indian Classical Dance is just marvelous.

3. Sirivennela (1986) : This movie is a case study and a research work in many film schools all over India. Sirivennela is a soft silent story of a blind flute artist and his life. Each song of this movie is still performed by many artists in concerts till date.In this movie music is shown as the love and romance between the hero and his ladylove. Many heart touching scenes and eye watering scene which make the movie a benchamark of filmmaking. Hghlights of the movie include flute recitals by Hari Prasad Chourasia.

4.    Swarnakamalam (1988) :
The movie brings to life the perceptions people posess with respect to arts in the contemporary society. The plot of the movie revolves around an young teenaged girl who is born in family of dancers but hates dancing owing to the her desire for material desires.  The rest of the story is how she realizes the greatness of dance  through the hero who loves her and her dance.

5.    Swathi kiranam (1992) : The movie speaks about different types of people who practice and patronise art. The movie depicts the contrast of people who treat art as their mother and at the same time people who use art as a source of money. The movie narrates the story of a nationally acclaimed vocalist who has appreciable levels of ego and self-esteem and believes that he is the best. One of his disciples who is a prodigy in music becomes a victim of his attitude and commits suicide. Then the vocalist realizes that he is a novice . The standout scene of the movie is the climax scene in which the Singer goes to a music  school and starts his journey with music all over again.

I would rather end it this way. “Each of the movies of K Vishwanath is a pearl in a necklace gifted to the Divine”


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