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You Hypocrite

15th August 1947, India emerged from the colonial rule of the British Empire. The struggle for independence had lasted 2 centuries, countless men and women laid down their lives to ensure that we could live and breathe in a free nation. The struggle to reform the grotesque society that was prevalent during those times ran hand in hand with the struggle for freedom. More than sixty years have passed since that fateful day, and India as a country and a society has progressed immensely since then, however the social reforms that the makers of our country had started are far from over. Blinded by our general progress we refuse to see the malignant practices and norms that are still prevalent in our society. The hypocrisy of Indians society is truly remarkable and is worth a mention:

For centuries women have been respected and revered in Indian society. The two great epics Ramayana and Mahabharata are a clear depiction of the important role that women play in society. However their status as equals (to men i.e.) has been stripped. Though our present society no longer openly discriminates against women, a sense of inequality still prevails. Female feticide, rapes, eve teasing, dowry related crimes are still common place. Progressive women today live in fear of society’s wrath. For a country where basic dictum demands that we hold women in reverence and protect their dignity and interests, this hypocrisy is unforgivable.


Our constitution was written on the foundation of liberty, equality and fraternity. I still don’t see equality, not even in the slightest measure, in our society. True, it is na├»ve to presume that everyone is equal in all aspects, some people are born stronger, others with greater intelligence etc. It isn’t possible to ignore a person’s remarkable talent in a particular field and in the name of equality hinder his progress so that everyone may grow at the same rate. In the court of law everyone is equal.  In India however, dear sir, the general philosophy isn’t true. The rich and the powerful never get convicted. The common man rots away in his attempt to find justice. The law truly is blind here.

Atithi Devo Bhava:
‘My Guest is my God’, a doctrine that has been a part of Indian social decorum. We treat even enemies who are our guests as gods. Off late however the doctrine seems to have been lost. Foreigners are murdered, extorted and miss treated in several ways. The ads off the department of tourism department are nothing but empty promises. If you’re ever visiting India please watch out. I don’t say we are all thugs, but there are a few amongst us, and the biggest problem is most decent Indians are so preoccupied with own inferno of problems they might not notice your distress.

 You’re an Indian right? Well then I don’t think I need to address this issue.
  Well the education scene has improved, (I’m a hypocrite too but I can’t deny progress that I see with my own eyes now, can I?) but there is something fundamentally wrong in the way we are going about making progress. The Indian government has randomly set a whole bunch of new IITs, given loads of people reservation, spent a fortune to try and pull this preposterous plan off , but in the process they have forgotten the roots of the education system. As a student I vouch that the system is rotten: primary education is poor at the very best and university level education is archaic (the syllabus, the instruments etc etc everything is so ancient that we learn nothing that we can practically apply once we are done with our education)

You must be thinking I’m a pessimistic prick, I beg to differ, I’m doing nothing but communicating what I have seen and heard. I’m not blind to the amazing progress that India has made, but most of you know all about that. You think I’m a stupid teen? Maybe I’m but all the same open your eyes, see the suffering around you, and then maybe- maybe all of us together can make a difference.

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Vakul Mohanty
A metal-head who's wants to do pursue a Ph.D Currently studying Biology & Comp Sc. at BITS,Pilani - Hyderabad Campus, his life-long ambition is to become a professor and wear shorts to work.


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