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Those Eyes

It was over. Finally. He could forget all about her, her and her whining, all the petty fights and infuriating girlishness. One would think, after all they’d been through, he would miss something about it, perhaps the sweet nothings they’d whisper to each other every night, or maybe the little joys they had shared together.

One would think wrong. The only thing he felt was… free. He felt inexplicably unfettered, with a whole new world of possibilities. The stagnating status quo had dissipated, and he definitely liked it better this way. Decisions were simple again, and he could finally spend more time on things he hadn’t gotten around to doing because of… well… you get the picture.

So he went ahead and started doing what he should’ve done all along, things that never should have taken a backseat in his priorities. And he lived happily ever after.

Nope, sorry. Life’s a b**ch.

There he was, going along and doing whatever struck his fancy. All was well. Until he looked around and he did something he probably shouldn’t have done. Now, the mistake wasn’t that he looked into her eyes. It’s that he got lost in them for a while. A long while. If one thought he’d learnt a lesson, one thought wrong. Sorry to disappoint.

Amazing how we go ahead and give ourselves something to worry and fret about, especially when we’re completely carefree and happy.

So he talked to her. And she talked back. He smiled. Ominous, huh?

Don’t worry, life is still rosy. She’s turned out to be really smart, interesting, and full of little quirks. What a nice friend, right? Yes. How could he possibly find such an amazing companion, he must be really lucky, right? Yes. But he’s also an idiot, right? Yes.

Turns out he isn’t sure of what he thinks of her. Poor girl, all she did was give him some companionship. Don’t judge him too harshly, though, he’s not sure of what he feels himself. And he can’t bring himself to spoil their wonderful friendship either. So he’ll just wither away in his self-doubts, always questioning himself whether he really considers himself to be ‘just a friend’, or if he has much more sinister feelings.

So, our little friend here is now crushed. He’s got everything going for him, but nothing seems right. Is he living a constant lie, or is he just blinding himself with misinterpretations?
Is he being a bad friend, a cheat? Or is he just being an idiot with himself as usual?


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