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Looking Forward

By Soundarya Subudhi

Standing still,
I realize…
That here goes another year,
Closing in to its expiry date…
And thus I reminisce with a tear,
Some of the unpleasant events I hate...

At this juncture,
I have…
Terrible incidents to put behind,
So many people to forgive,
Adverse moments not meant to rewind,
But heartfelt apologies to give…

Thus looking forward,
 I resolve...
To use everything I learned,
In enhancing the New Year,
So that all complexities are spurned,
Showering peace in this life-sphere...

 Bidding goodbye to old sorrows,
I take joy…
 In welcoming a new 365 days package,
 With new resolutions to fulfill,
And new missions to manage,
Endorsed with a renewed good-will…

Delighting in the new treasures so near,
I take a moment here...
 In wishing that every day,
Of this much-awaited year,
Reveals a new happiness at bay,
To everyone I hold dear…


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