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Evil Angel

BY Aditya Prakash

Fallen with sorrow I sit and I pray,
For the Evil Angel to come, To unfaithful love I have fallen prey.
Walk into my room, caste  a spell,
You will see clearly that I’ve been covered with grief as a shell.
Oh Evil Angel, I need you to put me to sleep,
Open your wings, heal me, My wounds are too deep.

Evil Angel, I need you to help me survive.
These wounds sting, as if I’ve been pushed into a bee hive.

The world is not the place you once thought it was, I have been wounded and left to die,
And there are people who solemnly survive in the shadow of deceit, the only thing they know is to lie.

Oh Evil Angel, I need you to put me to sleep,
Fly over me, I have been broken by a million promises people never keep.

Take me with you, I will come without asking where why or when.
And when you heal me completely, we will come back again.
It is tough to walk away, and try to hide.
When your wounded, broken and open wide.

Evil angel, it is difficult these days to comprehend,
Of those who have daggers in their hands, and claim to be your friend.

Raise me in your arms, Teach me how to fly.
From this disgusting pile of filth, I will learn to go high.

Oh Evil Angel, There are things which are hard for the eyes to see,
Seep deep into my soul, I will show you the truth, You can be the face in me.

Oh Evil Angel, I need you to put me to sleep.
The pain is overwhelming, with tears of blood flowing down my cheeks, I weep.

Oh Evil Angel, I need you to knock on my door.
And tell me how to make use of the vengeance I have in my heart, in the core.

I know giving up and losing hope isn’t the only answer,
I know that defeat is lethal, just like cancer.

Oh Evil Angel, I implore you, Come turn this living hell into a better place,
Spread your wings, spread your wrath, and show me your beautiful face.
Aditya Prakash is doing a B. Com (Computers), final year  from Aurora college. His hobbies include music, poetry and snooker


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