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Sinners - A short foreword

By Kartheik Ganesh Iyer

My, preciousss.... they can not take it away...
Often heard, often repeated, albeit in forms as varied and multitudinous as the facets of an uncut diamond, this echoes overriding human sentiment, for ever since the sapien, having quantified light and darkness, brought forth the concepts of morality, of good and that of evil.
In the times when the clergy held the seven cardinal sins, pride, lust, greed, gluttony, envy, sloth and wrath as “grave violations of the Ten Commandments and the Beatitudes”, (here I rip from Times online, who rips from the clergy. You'll see that plagiarism is not on the list. Never was.) condemning and abstaining from the seven sins was the only way to avoid the eternal damnation of one’s soul.
This issue is a revival of those ideas, and even as we wrote away, about pride (Book review:To kill a mockingbird), and greed (No one can eat just one), and gluttony (character sketch: Dudley Dursley), we realised how little they’re applicable today. In a time and world where vendetta is glorified, lust is the central theme for almost every bestseller, gluttony is rewarded by the producers, pride is of essence, and sloth plain rules, we, the eternally damned (have faith, pray, seek the light) seek to come up with a new set of moral code, something that is not out of context.
Look around yourself. Today’s sins would not be that which is condemned by the clergy, the government, or by any single body of power. In today’s age, where the individual’s ‘right to expression’ has been elevated to a level never heard of before (true, considering that then nobody could speak), a sin would be that act, that is collectively condemned by society.
Some collectives of this sort would have to include the following. (Mind you, this is not a list of absolutes, only a list of probables, at best. The best way to resolve this would be to try it out yourself.)
One of society’s modern banes, the ugly side of modern revolt that shall not stop at anything to get what it wants, resulting in loss of life, property and loved ones for countless people across the globe, if there are to be sins, this has to be on top.
Summary: Condemned by one and all. This is a bad thing. See photos of the candle march against the Bombay attacks for more. Shed a tear, would you?
Defined as homicide, the premeditated slaying of an individual, as opposed to terrorism, which is genocide. Since we have hardly any kings at all, regicide is on its way out. Murder, brutal, deadly, may have been glorified, and glamorized, but that does not detract in the least from the fact that it is an irreparable stain on mankind, for which animal would wantonly slay its own brother?
Summary: This is probably what society will collectively stand against, for, as we all know, all life is precious.

Failure at man’s attempt at monogamy is a stark (pun intended) problem that confronts all of today’s monogamous society. Carnal passions are not bad, says today’s society, only keep it at home. With infidelity rates rising at a rate that would make a v****a dealer (6 letter word, not a pimp) very, very happy, it may be sooner than we think that society may just decide to let this one drop. But, for now, its bad. Very, very bad.
Summary: as Barney says...Love thy neighbour, but never LOVE thy neighbour. Do not try this at home.
Man classified plants, he classified animals, the stars, the soils, the birds, the bees, emotions, textures, tastes, and movie genres. Having done this, (and not being satisfied), he then went on to (big mistake), classify himself, based on whatever physical & ethnic disparity he could find. Caste, social class, race, you name it, we humans have it. Discrimination has been forever one of the most blatant cause of strife in the past, and still is. Peace, bros.
Summary: Go on, blame it on God, you know you want to.
You say one thing, you mean another. Your personality changes with the type of company you keep, you may be a solid smoker in one, and an I-hate-smoking-it-kills-your-lungs guy (or girl, gal, if you prefer it) in another, then this is your kinda thing. Hypocrisy, in many ways, defines modern schools of thought and action, but beware, it is also the cause of most misunderstandings. Be warned.
Summary: Are you vegetarian? Then you know what I’m talking about.
No, not cough syrup. Drugs, and drug peddling, are rampant in most demographies throughout the world, and are a major source of concern to all the non-high people in the world. As said by adults, drugs are only a temporary escape, you don’t need to do drugs to lead a good life. Also said by adults, drugs kill your neurons, cause muscle degeneration, induced cardiomyopathy, impair your judgement, and do many other bad things. So... so what exactly?
Summary: Ah, yes. Right, right. Er, what, exactly?
Is the opposite of chivalry. It is primarily heterosexual objectification and derision directed towards the same. Didn’t get that? Its probably all for the best. Anyway, whatever it is, don’t do it.
Summary: It has come to light that there are also female chauvinist pigs. Kudos.
This probably sums up the demography's opinion, and shalt hereby be known as ‘The sins.’ So, my love, please don’t slay, maim, sleep with, degrade, or tell lies to other people. Apparently, they don’t like it.
PS. I’m a vegetarian myself.
On a side note, I’m still jobless, so

7 other sins:
Facebook quizzing: Which sin are you?
Please, go slay yourself, or achieve autocoitus.

Getting Caught for Sharing P***
E.D.O.C.S.I.L.R.U.L.E.Z. \m/ :P :D :D

Lolcat backlash
:p :D :D  and \m/ is not the answer to everything. Try a full stop instead.

Chetan Bhagat & Arundhati Roy.
No explations asked for, none given.

Wearing Pink.
This is selective. Its just not meant for some people.

Have some consideration for the USA.
Wasting potatoes.
You have no right to live, you despicable, cretinous, vile, blubbering piece of bilge.


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